Djunta Mo Art

Fair Trade created in Cabo Verde

The Djunta Mo Art project was started in May 2013 on the Island of Sal, Cape Verde, for the purpose of developing a sustainable market in the archipelago and especially, to promote Cape Verde’s art, culture and crafts.

Djunta Mo Art

is committed to an ethical approach; its main objective is to improve the lives of workers (above all by trying to work with cooperatives, groups of women and young men), by increasing their access to markets, monitoring that no products are made by exploiting juvenile workers, by paying special attention to environmental problems, for example by promoting recycled objects or rejecting any products made with sharks’ teeth (they are a seriously-endangered species).

The shop, located in the main street of Santa Maria, is both a major distribution center of cape verdean handicrafts that a reference point for the artisans.

Cabo Verde

The archipelago consists of ten islands that are very far from each other and the transport system is not always efficient. This makes product distribution to various areas of the country very difficult. For the same reason many of the craftspeople encounter difficulties in obtaining raw materials or in networking for new contacts in order to grow personally and professionally. We give great importance to supporting them from the manufacturing stage to the final sale, and to putting them in contact with craftspeople on the other islands to promote the exchange of ideas and materials. The name (Djunta Mo means “to hold hands, cooperate, lend a helping hand” in Creole) underlines the desire and will to work together.

What we do

We currently have about 40 craftspeople we collaborate with and 2 cooperatives from several areas in the archipelago. Some of them, thanks to our support, are beginning to make a living from their work and are hiring personnel in order to increase output. We consider this a great success for us because it means we really are helping the local economy to develope.

As of this year we are officially registered as distributors and certified as a sales point for Cape Verde crafts in the RENDA project (National Network of Crafts and Distribution) promoted by the Ministry of Culture in Cape Verde.

We are also official distributors of the project “Mãos de Cabo Verde” (Hands of Cape Verde), which consists of 10 women’s cooperatives more than 150 craftswomen from the islands of Santiago, Fogo e Santo Antão.


The project also provides and finances an office for the non-profit Nu Bai Association, which mainly organizes scholarships; health services for children of poor families; collects teaching and medical items and articles of clothing and works closely with the L’ICCA (Cape Verde Institute for Children and Adolescents) of Sal

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